We couldn't do it without our volunteers!

Service Industry Golf Tournament

Where: Willowbend golf course 

When: Friday, Oct 13th

Attire: Halloween costumes 

10 am – Arrive at course 

5ish pm – We will head to Twin Peaks (east) for the after party. You are not required to go but food will be provided. 

*If you arrive to the course late you may have to wait until after the tournament begins and/or until someone can take you to your hole. 

This will be an all-day event. Please plan accordingly and arrive prepared. Lunch will be provided.

Please bring everything you might need for your hole unless otherwise discussed with Tori or Beth. This may include cups, shot glasses, coolers, table, tent, chairs, etc. Some ice will be available at the course. 

Other items to consider bringing: bag/fanny pack for tips, cash to make change, battery/charger block, bluetooth speaker, water bottle, snacks, hat, jacket, sunscreen, an umbrella if rain is in the forecast, and a printout with your Venmo QR code.   

Beer coolers will be placed throughout the course but you are welcome to bring whatever you’d like to help collect more tips and create engagement at your hole. The more energetic and interactive your hole is, the more tips you’re likely to make. 

Volunteers will be in groups of 2-3 and placed throughout the course. You may request who you work with at the time of signing up or by contacting Tori. 

This is purely a voluntary, tips-only event. You must be +21 to participate. 

**This does not count as a signup for them, they must also fill out a form.**


That is up to you! This is a voluntary, tips-only event. The most tips are often collected by those who create a fun atmosphere and make it easy to be tipped (can provide change and easily accept Venmo). 

It’s Friday the 13th and the theme is Halloween costumes! You can keep it simple or get creative. 

You can request a partner or two otherwise you will be randomly paired. 

Lunch will be provided along with snacks at the after party. Please eat breakfast before you come, you will need it. Bringing snacks is advisable. 

The tournament will be rain or shine unless there’s lightning. Keep an eye on the weather and come prepared.